Monday, 24 October 2016

OUGD602 - PosterZine - Inspiration

Posterzine is where a poster meets a magazine — a mini monograph magazine which folds out to reveal a gorgeous A1 format poster (594x841mm).

I think this concept is exciting and refreshing. Posterzine strengthens relationships between the industries, brands, organisations and individuals through a series of crisp, articulate interviews and insights into talented and established professionals from around the world. Posterzine also represents a refreshing departure from the traditional publishing models.

I think that I want to produce a creative CV which would incorporate a small selection of my work (condensed portfolio) in a similar format to poster zine, which would kill two birds with one stone. I don't see anything wrong with taking direct inspiration from Posterzine's format and turning into something which is representational of my own practice. 

Posterzine Issue 01 | Eike Köenig | FREE GLOBAL P&P


Posterzine 05EK 06

Issue 09

OUGD602 - Personal Branding Type Experiments

I decided to experiment with type, applying some deconstructivist techniques to one of the world's most famous typefaces: Helvetica. This typeface has featured a lot in my recent design work so I saw it fitting to use in some personal branding experiments. 

I didn't really have much reasoning behind the destruction of the typeface, I just find it fun and enjoy seeing the results that come from being random and experimental. The patterns produced are interesting to me and could work as patterns within my new personal branding. I'm going to continue to play about and will consider using other typefaces, mixing and combining the various outcomes.