Friday, 24 April 2015

OUGD402 - Module Evaluation

My final collateral of branding in my eyes is very successful and completely representational of myself. I am really glad that I readdressed the business cards quite late on in the project, because if I hadn’t have done that, my concept wouldn’t not have evolved into what it is now. I am really glad that I pursued the moon concept, as even though it is slightly cliched, it is conceptual and meaningful to my surname. 

I am glad also that I developed a sophisticated logo and colour scheme that runs throughout my branding. In the earlier stages of the brief, I wanted to use quite contrasting colours but then I refined this and took inspiration from the lunar landscapes featured on my business cards. I am happy I made this decision.  I have produced a large range of products which have the potential to be widely distributed and received in the commercial world. I feel that I have remained true to my own creative style throughout this brief and my work reflects this. 

I printed all of my branding in the digital print resource at Blenheim Walk. I did this for  a number of reasons. One, because the print quality is outstanding and reliable, two, its cheap and three, I didn’t want to pay to professionally print my business cards as I didn’t want large quantities of them, as the design is obviously going to adapt and evolve throughout the duration of my degree. 

I am really happy with the overall aesthetic of my collateral designs. I think they look professional but not too arrogant or self obsessed. There is an element of mystery and intrigue to the business cards, as I have named my self a creative thinker and moon gazer. I believe they are striking and would definitely catch my eye and make me wonder about who they are representing. Overall I have really found this brief exciting, challenging and highly enjoyable. 

Overall I found this module rewarding, challenging, engaging and useful to my personal and professional development within the course and of course in the wider context of Graphic Design. I feel that my work definitely grew from being in an embryonic stage to what it is now, and of course it is only going to continue to develop as I develop as a designer and creative thinker. I look forward to developing this work over the duration of the course.