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OUGD602 - Stop Being Selfish

A few weeks ago, John sent a highly inspirational email out to Level 6. I read it several times and found it very encouraging, so I decided to use some of the key points in one of my extended practice breifs which focuses on communicating inner feelings and deep thoughts through the use of typography. Here is the entire message:

Stop Being Selfish.

Being ‘self conscious’ is really being ‘selfish’, as in a way, you aren’t being your true self and people aren’t getting the benefit of your personality and all of the things that make you who you are and what you offer.
This is a block in the potential of all the things you CAN achieve with a reduced self belief.
Where does ‘self’ belief come from? 
From the self knowledge in your abilities, points of difference and self recognition.
How many times as a child when your teacher asked a question and you knew the answer but were afraid to put your hand up? WHY? You knew the answer?
We believe the labels we are given or give ourselves and this can stop
growth and more so achievement. We label ourselves as ‘Introvert’ and ‘extrovert’ easily and we feel safe behind this label, which I’m many cases
We don’t, in reality actually like.
Self evaluation is fine, but self evaluation without the labels works even better, we can then see our specific gifts and abilities, all those things we have to offer. This should make you more confident.
Confidence should not be mis-recognised as arrogance, that works against us and draws negative response. By being ’shy’ we fail to share our gifts and our talent (which we have to self recognise’ to progress and be honest with ourselves). If YOU are happy with what you do, that is what really counts. 
But by telling oneself that we are not ‘good enough’ is an attitude that holds us back and can make us more ‘invisible’. We can’t see something; it in most cases doesn’t exist. So who wants to be invisible?

How can you make yourself visible?
Stop the self doubt, (easy to say) but it will hold you back and prevent self realisation that will give you the strength to be ‘visible’. Evaluate your position in life and draw ups pro’s and con’s list and you should see all of the wonderful things you have to offer. Newness, freshness and the potential to be very useful and grow other people’s achievements…sharing
yourself an not being selfish (even though you don’t see it that way).

The point of realisation.
Once you can identify your abilities, see them for what they are and the potential in them and yourself.
You can grow and flourish. If you simply don’t see yourself as an asset, how will anyone else. This point of realisation is simply stopping ‘hiding’ or doubting yourself. Setting aims is a better way to help you getting closer to getting what you want.
List all the things you ’need’ and then all the things you ‘want’ and see the difference. There are things you ’need’ to do to achieve the things you ‘want’. Don’t wait for others to do this for you, they are too busy doing it for themselves.

Honesty is a great feeder of confidence, if you honestly love your work, it should give you confidence that you can achieve what you want to. Are you good? Or are you mediocre? Would you describe yourself as average in a job interview? Would you not make an effort to get a job?
That simple trick can work, consider every day as a job interview and show you best side and this can grow confidence. Be ‘happy’ and learn to look happy (not a silly grin that may make you look weird), awake and on the ball. Sounds crazy, but a sluggish approach to your day is a great way for others to see you as ‘mediocre’. You have ability, potential and freshness
That makes you good to know…show it. Be passionate about your work and it will help you achieve more, people see you as ‘interested’ and committed. This in itself should give you confidence, and will get you further than being ‘invisible’.

You are you, all others are taken.
By simply recognising your abilities, you become ‘more’ required and discussed, if you don’t see your abilities as of now, you are being selfish and again ‘mediocre’. When did you last get up in the morning and said to yourself ‘today I’m going to be really mediocre’? You are better than that
And you KNOW you are…simply believe it ‘out loud’

The ‘passion’ to achieve.
Having ‘passion’ is simply wanting to do your best, and that is something that will potentially make you stand out from the crowd. We can’t always be famous, but we should strive to be better each project and each day.
Motivation is a big thing, avoid de-motivators, they are simply holding you back and ‘taking your eye off the ball’ for their own progress and benefits.

Passion can help you achieve more.
Look at people such as:

Christiano Ronaldo
Paula Scher
Stephen Hawking
CoCo Chanel
Steve Jobs
Beatrix Potter
Elon Musk
Walt Disney

They all had to have confidence and passion for what they wanted…but soon as you consider them as ’special’ you are putting a potential block on
Your potential.This does not mean we will all be as famous as these, but you must consider they had to have passion to ‘want’ what they achieved.

But, I might fail?
What do you consider ‘failing’? Steve Jobs failed many times, Rembrandt
failed, he was bankrupt six times, Steve Jobs fired a few times. So what we see as failure is simply ‘learning’ and should spur us on to ‘win’ or achieve the next time. If you understand this, you will have the ‘passion’ to progress.
When a child and we touch something hot, we learn not to do it again.
Same with not winning, it should make us want to win the next time.

Like Eric Clapton said’ If you’re any good at what you do…you know you can be better’ others say the same.

“Do not be embarrassed by your failures, learn from them and start again.” Richard Branson

“Failure is unimportant. It takes courage to make a fool of yourself”. Charlie Chaplin
“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.”
Albert Einstein

So, it’s good to see failures as a recognition of what you need to do to win.
Now it is time to put those failures in the box (you are still aware of them) and be your ‘real’ self and stop bing selfish. Share your talent and ability and talk about what you want and what you want to achieve.
To quote Oscar Hammerstein in the musical South Pacific.

‘You gotta have a dream. If you don't have a dream, how you gonna make a dream come true?’ Oscar Hammerstein II

Now be visible, be you and tell those you need to.

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