Monday, 10 April 2017

OUGD602 - Studio Visit Organisation w/ Amelia

Today, Amelia and I took it upon ourselves to get in contact with a number of Leeds based design studios to enquire about the possibility of undertaking a few quick studio visits at some point in the coming weeks.

All of the studios in which we decided to get in contact with produce work that really appeals to both of our current design aesthetics and creative concerns. We consciously chose these studios instead of just ringing up every design studio in the immediate vicinity, in order to make sure the visits are relevant to our careers upon graduating from LCA.

We took in turns speaking to the studios and received mixed responses. A number of the studios immediately said no to the notion of a studio visit, as they do not have an ‘open door policy’. This was somewhat frustrating; however, we did manage to confirm a studio visit to Catalogue (which is somewhere that I actually applied to do a placement) on Friday 21st of April.

Catalogue are a London and Leeds based creative institution who are responsible for producing a number of highly contemporary publications such as Library Paper, a culture magazine which I have been following for some time now.

This type of studio is somewhere that I 100% aspire to work in for a number of reasons; the most important is quite simple: they produce some pretty cool work, which is current, contemporary and deals with subject matters which I massively relate to. I can definitely see myself fitting into a studio environment of this type either here in the UK or in a creative hub somewhere in Europe. 

Catalogue curate a design blog which I find hugely inspiring named 'Back Catalogue'. It's reminiscent of sites such as ItsNiceThat but is more contemporary and critical which I enjoy. 

A number of other studios agreed to answer some questions either via email or Skype interview, which is also positive and beneficial. I look forward to chatting with them to pick their brains about the current state of the field/creative industries as well as quizzing them about their careers and the steps they took upon graduating with a creative degree. As I have been unable to secure a placement/internship, these responses will be massively useful in helping to broaden my knowledge and boost my self-confidence. 

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